The Prospects for a Rainbow Coalition – Not too Good

141017120803-sf-chinatown-story-topSan Francisco’s Chinatown, looks nicer than the Tenderloin district. Demographics here – diversity is chaos.

A San Francisco sightseeing company had to apologize after a tour guide was caught on video providing sightseers with a racially insensitive and profanity filled tirade about the people who live in Chinatown during a bus tour through the neighborhood.  The clip — “San Francisco – city sightseeing tour guide at her last working day” — quickly went viral after it was posted on YouTube.

“[Expletive] your pre-schools … making all that noise at 6 a.m. … [Expletive] your salons … [expletive] your seafood markets, with your little turtles and frogs inside — OK? Here in America, we don’t eat turtles and frogs,” the guide says on her last day at work, as perplexed tourists on the bus look on.

Christian Watts, CEO of City Sightseeing San Francisco, said of the now fired employee,
“Comments made by this former employee on her last day of employment are absolutely not a representation of how much we love and support Chinatown, and every other community in San Francisco,” Watts said in a statement, adding that the company was adding additional training to ensure “each tour is up to our rigorous standard.”

Yes, I am quite sure it was inadequate training that led the tour guide to demonstrate that African Americans don’t like people who look and act differently from them, and who also may be horning in on their claim to special victim status.

Although not all Chinatowns are bad, according to the guide.  She also told tourists that the Chinatown in her hometown, Los Angeles, is “way cleaner, way better restaurants.  If you are considering moving to San Francisco, although this is the cheapest neighborhood, do not live here,” she warns. “I’ve learned my lesson.”

Good luck, Bertha Lewis, with your rainbow coalition – where all the peoples of color rise up against whitey. (I have a few more examples of why Lewis’ utopia is not going to turn out too well here and here and here and here.) They will be too busy fighting each other to bother with minority whites.

Of course, the unidentified tour guide to correct: immigrants from third world and non-western countries will hurt African Americans. Why would anyone from a victim-status country (victim status is determined by our government, by the way) care about American blacks? They don’t and the won’t.


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Disingenuous White Progressive Women Keepin’ Sistahood Real!

gwyneth_paltrow_34I am Gwyneth Paltrow, and I am better than you.

I don’t think Gwyneth Paltrow is an outrageously good actress, and the pink dress she wore to accept her Oscar for Shakespeare in Love was the wrong color for her complexion, and ill-fitting (you know it is bad when so many people pretend to love it).

Paltrow’s politics are inane, which is to be expected of an extremely sheltered, privigleged white woman who was privately schooled (Spence, natch) and grew up in Manhattan with servants of color.  It is her right to spend money on it.  And it is in keeping with elites to pine for a monarchy of the elite, because they really don’t, of course, believe in equality.

But I also wonder if the sort of monarchy Paltrow proposes for Barack Obama is the sort of monarchy that neo-paleo-monarchist-conservative Brett Stevens approves of, because this is what a monarchy can lead to. (I like Brett but have some disagreements with some of his views – I don’t think feudalism is a good way to go for most people.) Plus, you might not get your favorite royalty.   Indeed, many Disingenuous White Progressive Elites promote monarchy – Woody Allen, for instance, thought Obama should take a monarchy to one of its various end points, dictator. Is that what you have in mind Brett?

I do, however, enjoy the cat fight between Paltrow and Martha Stewart. It’s so good to see Disingenuous Progressive Women keeping’ sisterhood real – you know, working together and collectively for the betterment of each other.

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Ebola, D68 in the US is All About “Disease Justice” or “Disease Equity”

03DALLAS2-web-master675Note the sign in front of this American middle school now potentially infected with Liberian ebola. I wonder if the students are happy about what their own desire for multiculturalism has brought them.

I am not going to review all the news about ebola (although I do provide some interesting links) – I hope you’ve been keeping up with it. The contact is now up to 100 people, and will grow (since workers refuse to clean up the patient, Thomas E. Duncan’s vomit and sweat mess).

The Center for Immigration Studies, always a source of credible information other news outlets won’t talk about, has a good story about why Duncan should never have been given a visa to come to the USA – and believe me he has zero plans to go back to where he came from.

Duncan was issued a visa and I know why – and I also know why there will be no travel bans to and from West Africa even as the illness continues to spread there. It is called “disease justice” or “disease equity” or “disease equality.”  Like the bogus wealth distribution scheme called “income equity,” “disease equity” is the same thing with a twist.  As I am in the “media” – the “news media” – I know this first hand to be true.

You see, first worlders and Westerners, we cannot allow one area of the third world to bear the burden of ebola alone. We all must share it. This is why enterovirus D68 is becoming more prevalent among children – and has already caused death.  We all must suffer. We all must understand the perils of disease. And, we have to import people in order to treat them in (temporarily) first world hospitals. On your dime. Because justice!

So, yes, I am saying that the US government is doing what it can, through lies and unfettered travel, to redistribute health care and citizens’ heath. It is. You heard it here first.

Oh and Louis Farrakhan thinks ebola was made up to kill black people (black people who do not wash their hands before, during and after cooking monkey meat and get cut and bloody while preparing it).

And then there were none

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Birdwatching is too White, Something Must Be Done

090516-F-0847C-001Typical bird watchers. Tsk tsk.

No it’s not a joke. It’s National Geographic.

Remember when I wrote about people who go to national parks being too white? The New York Times was upset about it.

And The Atlantic was upset that too many veterinarians are white.

Now you can add NatGeo to the list of Disingenuous White Progressive publications that are upset about the lack of diversity (black people) in the bird watching community. How could this have happened?

birding2Fake promotional picture of what birders should look like – but don’t! From the National Park Service, natch.

According to the story:

“Minorities have always seemed to be underrepresented in U.S. environmental groups. Now there’s new data to support that old anecdotal observation.

“According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in 2011, 93 percent of American birders were white, 5 percent were Hispanic (which includes both blacks and whites), 4 percent were black, 1 percent were Asian American, and 2 percent were “other.”

“Bird-watchers, of course, aren’t the only environmentalists of a feather who flock together, or whose passion for protecting the environment could benefit from building more minority support.

“Another study–released in August by the Green 2.0 Working Group, with support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the Argus Foundation, the Sierra Club, and Earth Justice–looked at 191 conservation and preservation organizations, 74 government environmental agencies, and 28 environmental grant-making organizations in the U.S., totaling 3.2 million people.”

The story continues, asserting that only the involvement of people of color in bird watching can save birds from going extinct via global warming!

“…at a time when birds are facing unprecedented challenges to their existence from climate change and increased urbanization, developing more diversity among birders will broaden support for measures needed to protect birds–plus the nesting grounds, woodlands, meadows, wetlands, and other habitats in which they thrive, and in which birders delight–while also helping to create more citizen scientists, which would be a boon for everyone.”

Yes, they think the people of Ferguson would make good “citizen scientists” and bird watchers.

Oh there’s more:

“The meetings have covered a range of reasons why minorities may find it hard to embrace birding, including concerns about how onlookers might react to seeing a black or Hispanic man with binoculars wandering the woods–or a suburban neighborhood–at dusk, dawn, or night. (“Nocturnal birding is a no-no” is Lanham’s Rule 4.)

“Conference speakers have also cited lingering fears about racism in the U.S.–like whether it’s safe to go to areas where the Ku Klux Klan had been strong, or where militias still thrive–and, for some who grew up in cities or suburbs, a fear of the unfamiliar woods, full of critters.”

I knew it! Racism!! But I digress…

“Then there’s the question of how welcoming and inclusive bird-watching groups currently are. Writer, editor, and former American Birding Association board member Paul Baicich, whose father is named Giuseppe and whose family background is Italian, says lack of inclusiveness is nothing new.

“About 120 years ago, birding organizations were anti-immigrant,” he says. Today, “There is an ingrown quality to lots of the birding communities that they may not be aware of,” which may appear to newcomers as exclusivity. Birders should realize there is no such thing as an “overdeveloped welcome mat,” and take every opportunity to invite outsiders in.”

So white bird watchers have to put aside time in their day to find diversity.  And if they don’t – well – racism!

Does anyone ever write long articles about the lack of diversity in hip hop? It seems to me that anytime a white person tries hip hop it is called cultural appropriation and it is nearly a hate crime.

Does anyone ever write long articles about the lack of diversity in the lowrider community?  No. I didn’t think so.

You see, when people of color like to do something it is not a problem if whites are not involved. Indeed, if whites become involved it is cultural appropriation, which, as I said, is sort of a hate crime.

However, if whites enjoy something, are just organically drawn to it, well, its because Racism!

Remember that, as you consider what liberty means. And your loss of it.  Because freedom of association will always be suspect when practiced by whites.

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The Real Meaning of Nicole Curtis’ New Co-Star: I TOLD You So! LOL

Guess what? Well, of course, the Nicole Curtis fans (I am one) who read about Nicole, including my blog posts about the single mom’s widely popular and wonderful HGTV (DIY) show, Rehab Addict, already probably know. Surprise, surprise, Nicole is teaming up with Lebron James in season 5 of Rehab Addict.  I wonder why? I am sure it is all sincere and wonderful.  (And it probably will be interesting on some level, and predictable on others). I am sure it’s completely authentic. I am sure the network realized that a show about two areas of Michigan and Minnesota that are predominantly not white needed a little color if they hoped to avoid the PC police.  Told ya’ so!

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Mother Killed, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

When you figure out what’s missing from this story, let me know and you will win a fabulous prize.

And next time you see Eric Holder, asks him what he thinks about it. President Obama too.

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Disingenuous White Progressives Are the Most Dangerous People on Earth

isis-fighter               white-guilt
Who is scarier and more dangerous? Yup, the thing on the right.

So you think ISIS fighters with swords are scary?  Me too.  But at least they are not part of The State to which I must tithe and kneel prostrate in front of.  If I see one coming toward me with a sword, I plan on eating pork while shooting him in the head. Then I’ll pour bacon grease on him.

Disingenuous White Progressives (DWP) are much more dangerous because they might look normal; they don’t wear black hoods over their heads (hey, isn’t wearing black hoods racist? why aren’t they wearing white hoods so we can tell immediately they are bad? ISIS is racist too! Jessie Jackson get out there and protest and shake ISIS down for money until they start wearing white hoods).  And DWP run organizations within The State, where they wield power and do untold damage (we only know a fraction of the damage they’ve done and will do).

For instance, it turns out that one DWP could not bare the reality she faced, and actually raised the alarm over the sexual abuse of teenage girls in Rotherham more than a decade ago was sent to reeducation camp, otherwise known as an “ethnicity and diversity course” by child protection bosses who refused to act on her evidence that Muslims in the UK were raping British girls. (When will DWP British People stop feeling guilty about being a civilizing force in the world?)

The researcher, who was seconded to Rotherham council by the Home Office, was told she must “never, ever” again refer to the fact that the abusers were predominantly Asian men, according to the Telegraph, which covered the woman’s interview with the BBC.

The worker spoke to BBC’s Panorama program under the condition of anonymity, because she knows that DWP with State Power are the most dangerous people on earth. She knows what they will do to her. And it’s worse than what ISIS does to American journalists.

The researcher said that she identified more 270 victims of trafficking and underage prostitution by mainly Muslim gangs in Rotherham at that time – by now the number has grown to more than 1400.

Despite being sent to Rotherham Council, the report – based on interviews with underage girls seeking help from the council’s anti-child prositution project, called Risky Business – was never published. It was, indeed, buried. Because it seemed racist.

Conveniently, data to back up the report’s findings also went missing from the Risky Business office the weekend after she submitted her report, the researcher told the program.  I’ll be it did.

As further proof of the way DWP enable their pet diversity groups, one of the girls who was allegedly abused, whose name was changed to Isabel to protect her identity, said that her abuser told her he would “play the race card” if the police tried to take action.  You see, Privileged Victim Groups are well aware of the power DWP give them.  And that’s one more reason why DWP are so dangerous.

When will England stand up to Political Correctness, the country’s insane immigration policy, and DWP? And when will we?

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