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The Children….are not our future

Do what we say or we’ll tell the NSA! The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) plans to use state money, in the form of a $990,000 grant, to train teenaged students to promote or “sell” ObamaCare to their families … Continue reading

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New York Times: Black People Can’t Read Cursive So Let’s Get Rid of It!

A cursive note to the New York Times Op-Ed pages Now that Rachel Jenteal, star prosecution witness in the George Zimmerman trial, who may or may not suffer from Cushing Syndrome, has admitted that while a letter allegedly “from” her was … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio: America is the World’s Employer of Crappy Jobs

Marco Rubio gave the closing remarks (full text of the speech here). It was a doozy. Meant to be heart wrenching and warming, stirring and inspiring, rousing and arresting, it was none of these things. But it was quite revealing … Continue reading

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GUILTY! Of Trying to Hire a Qualified Worker

  Members of New York’s Commission on Human Rights Irish Central has a bone chilling story about the owner of a Welsh bar in New York City. He was recently fined $2,500 for race discrimination after he specified that potential … Continue reading

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God is NOT a Progressive!

God spoke to me and he said, “I really don’t care about tax strategies. But I do care about human freedom from tyranny.” I know five people who have left the Church of England and become Catholics (three) or run-of-the-mill … Continue reading

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Paula Deen & Bad Thoughts: We Really Are Living in the Twilight Zone

Bad thoughts will eat your brain – so don’t have any! UPDATE: Despite the fact that Paula Deen’s book is #1 on Amazon, the cowards at her publisher, Ballantine Books, have cancelled publication. Write to Ballentine and ask them if … Continue reading

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Hernandez, Killing Your Friends, and Gangs

  Aaron Hernandez and his adorable tats! UPDATE 2: Now Hernandez is being investigated for two other murders that happened last summer! “…cops are now probing the deaths of Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado, who were both fatally shot just … Continue reading

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