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Mary Burke, Millionaire: Govt Can Do Things Better Than People

Mary Burke, if elected, will do to Wisconsin what she’s done to this bicycle. Government “can do things better” than families and individuals, especially when it comes to educating children, says Mary Burke, a millionaire leftist who has announced she is running … Continue reading

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Colleen Ritzer Bleed a Lot

Colleen Ritzer, 24, of Andover, Massachusetts, now dead. One of Barack Obama’s sons allegedly killed her. “[There was] nothing really bad about him. He wasn’t a mean kid, did fine,” Kyle Cahill, a white player on Philip Chism’s junior varsity soccer … Continue reading

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If You Win You’re A Bully

Even during pink October, you can’t win at football without being accused of bullying.  And by the way there’s something really interesting about this photograph – and I wonder if the parent who was “brave” enough to lodge a complaint … Continue reading

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Detroit: A Vision of Things to Come

I can’t keep up with the crime news from Detriot. Google Alerts about it clog my inbox several times a day and so often I sigh and don’t even bother. But this local story caught my attention because it’s the … Continue reading

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Diversity is Lacking in the NYC Cab Industry! Call the Diversity Police!

New York cabbies do whatever they feel like it, according to their “religious freedom” – but they’re the only ones who can! A Facebook acquaintance posted the following message on her page: “Note to self: don’t go to NYC expecting to … Continue reading

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International Moscow Arrests Immigrants!

Violence broke out in a Russian mall after Russian nationalists called for a people’s meeting to protest the murder of 25-year-old Egor Shcherbakov by a Muslim immigrant. Shcherbakov had been returning home with his girlfriend when he got into an altercation with … Continue reading

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Why Should Italy Accept a New “Multicultural Identity”? Isn’t Being Italian Good Enough?

Puglia, Italy – soon to be a thing of the past Italian authorities have arrested a 35-year-old Tunisian with a reported history of human smuggling in the recent deadly sinking of a boat packed with some 500 Africans trying to … Continue reading

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