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Sandra Korn Presses Her White Privilege All Over Harvard

This is Sandra Korn. ‘Nuff said. In a fine example of the real white privilege, Sandra Korn wrote an article in the Harvard Crimson called The Doctrine of Academic Freedom, with the tag line, “Let’s give up on academic freedom in … Continue reading

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In Your Face Illegal Immigrant Loses Big Time in School Election

Emilio Vicente, privileged victim can add “loser” to his grievance list. Emilio Vicente, a gay, “feminist” illegal immigrant (so many privileged victim designations, so little time!) from Guatemala who was campaigning to become the student body president at the University … Continue reading

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NPR Intern Happy She’s Not White – That Must Mean She’s Up for a Promotion!

  I thank Allah 90X a day that I don’t have a mono-brow like this woman who is not Amarra Ghani. Thanks to my friends at Gates of Vienna, we have another example of the idea that it is okay … Continue reading

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Somali Pirate Brought to US for Civilian Trial Now Seeking Asylum Here – And Will Likely Get It

I wonder where the nearest welfare office is…and the closet brothel that takes SNAP! Not my favorite source but since National Review is one of the few outlets writing about this, I’ll use it. Any port in a storm.  Apparently, a … Continue reading

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Progressives Shocked When Their Pet Victim Groups Don’t Eat What They Are Told

Leave us alone and let us eat what we want! The progressive’s (i.e., “social scientists”) theory that if you build what the progressive defines as a decent supermarket with fresh produce they approve of in a so-called food desert, residents … Continue reading

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Ouch! The Truth Hurts; Eventually Progressives will Ban Science They Now Pretend to Love

Will progressives and politicians eventually ban or suppress genetic research? Or will the truth will out? Scientific research into genetics reveals stark differences in people and that troubles progressives, academics, and Statists, according to News Australia. They accuse people in … Continue reading

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Hey Tiger Mom, Ashkenazi Jews (you know, the smart ones) Are European

According to Live Science, a new study suggests that at least the maternal lineage of Ashkenazi Jews (the ones with the highest IQ’s – not all Jews are created equal, and those who are not Ashkenazi are no more brilliant than … Continue reading

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