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Diversity is Our Weakness, Study Says. So Does Reality

According to a new study by Zachery Neal (Department of Sociology, Michigan State University) and Jennifer Watling Neal (Department of Psychology, Michigan State University) published in the American Journal of Community Research and Action  Community, “Community psychologists are interested in creating … Continue reading

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Chinese Try to Get in On Victim Status Via Hate Hoax!

A whole new group has gotten in on the hate hoax, this time a Chinese woman in Spokane, Washington, according to The hate hoax seems to be so appealing, being found out seems to be worth the effort. Authorities … Continue reading

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Aborted Babies Heat UK Hospitals

When human life is so degraded that aborted babies are thought of as “waste” that can be used “efficiently” and burned to heat a hospital where sick people are allegedly cared for and other babies are born and allowed to … Continue reading

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Another College Race Hoax – Don’t Worry, It’s Not Wrong, Just a Teachable Moment

The February 2014 incident at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan has been uncovered as a hoax, naturally! Racial slurs written on a black Grand Valley State University student’s dorm room door show racial intolerance persists at the Allendale … Continue reading

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Open Enrollment Experiment in Ohio Proves People Won’t Quit Being Human

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, an open enrollment program in the state, which allows children to transfer from one school district to another, has lead to “widespread racial segregation and concentrates poverty in many of Ohio’s urban school districts, … Continue reading

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Libertarians are Either Brutes or Humanitarians – So Says Collectivist Libertarian

Here is my reply to Jeffrey A. Tucker and his FEE article Against Libertarian Brutalism, which I left in its comment section. I’d also want to know which people in this story about South Puget Sound Community College Tucker thinks are … Continue reading

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Two Oscar Voters Picked “12 Years a Slave” Without Watching It. Only Two?

At least two anonymous members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences never saw Steve McQueen’s eventual Best Picture winner, despite giving it a Best Picture nod on their Oscar ballots. The revelation comes via the Los Angeles Times: “All … Continue reading

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