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The Joys of Multiculturalism Slaps Gays and Blacks in the Face

But what can they really do about it? Because it’s a person of color, a person of a diverse culture. The ones progressives are always crowing about that we need more of…because where would we buy a Big Gulp’s and … Continue reading

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Diversity Enriches UK in So Many Ways, Like Public Urination

According to the Daily Mirror, a woman who doesn’t look particularly historically British, pulled her pants down in the middle of a shopping street to pee. That may be normal in the country where she hails from, wherever that might … Continue reading

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The Tolerance Gestapo – Grocery Store Must Be Stopped!

According to Oregon Live, a farmer who is opening a store in Sellwood, had the unmitigated gall to twice post her personal opposition to gay marriage on her private, personal FaceBook page.  That means the Gay and Tolerance Gestapo have to … Continue reading

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