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African Descent NYC Cabbie Self-Proclaimed Nazi Proving Great Success of Multiculturalism

Good old Lou Young is unknowingly on the trail of one of the many benefits of multiculturalism. That is, one Gabriel Diaz, 26, has been suspended from driving his cab because he insists on wearing a Nazi-related swastika armband while working, … Continue reading

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Never Forget the Towson “Debate”

Never forget the “winning” Towson Debate because you will never ask yourself again why someone decided to start a White Students Union at the school. They are trying hard to get rid of this video so watch it now while … Continue reading

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Hate Speech Alert: Muslim Cleric Upset 911 Museum Identifies Attackers

Dreamy, isn’t he? Sorry I’ve been away – work deadlines!! But I’m back. Thank you for your patience dear readers. According to the Daily News, Sheik Mostafa Elazabawy (say that 10 times fast!), imam of Masjid Manhattan, resigned from the Lower … Continue reading

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