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It’s Not Immigration, It’s Global Wealth Redistribution

A piece in the Raw Story about Australia paying asylum seekers to go back home made me realize there is a global “refugee” problem, which I think is being sponsored by both the third world nations that these people come from … Continue reading

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We Have to Take the Kids From Central America, Because We Owe Them

A fellow libertarian, with whom I disagree about immigration (she enthusiastically supports government importation of third world peoples under the false premise that it represents freedom of movement) told me recently that we have to accept the Central American and … Continue reading

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Will Reparations Magically Make Detroit into a Utopia?

What can solve the terrible “genetic memory” of slavery which so debilitates so many African Americans that they are unable to pay their utility bills in Detroit? Because that’s the reason they can’t pay bills.  You see, Detroit is run … Continue reading

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British Schools “Too White” – Soon it Will be Illegal to be White in Britain

Good luck with that. According to the Daily Mail,  government inspectors have criticized a rural school in Devon for being insufficiently ‘diverse’.  In other words, too white. Although the officials concede that Payhembury Primary is a ‘happy place’, it has … Continue reading

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Donna Tartt is a Racist for Not Making up Elite-Approved Fictional Black Characters

Tartt vs Castro – The Next Pay Per View Lightweight Boxing Match?  Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Donna Tartt is in big trouble from Salon Magazine for not having any “realistic” African American characters in her award winning bestseller The Goldfinch, which … Continue reading

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Lesbian on Lesbian Violence Comes Out of the Shadow Via Gay Marriage

  Russian and Tiffany, not so happy together Sorry I’ve been away so long dear readers – deadlines at my day job have been extremely intense! I hope my schedule eases up during the summer. There is so much to say … Continue reading

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