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Special Rules Always Apply When You Are “Ethnic”

If you’re an Aussie this plate of crap is gonna cost you more. We all know European descent people are not “ethnic.”  As such, we are naturally the oppressor and all our actions come under scrutiny by the PC Police … Continue reading

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Underwear Bomber Pooped His Pants – Ya Gotta Love Karma!

Underpants bomber Umar Abdulmutlallab was foiled in his plot to blow up a jumbo jet on Christmas Day because he had apparently soiled his bomb pants, an American transport official has suggested. That’s according to International Business Times. British-educated Nigerian … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Perpetuates War on Drug Meme Re: Southern Invasion

My comment on Unz, on Ron Paul’s essay about immigration and the southern invasion.  Dr. Paul, for whom I have a great deal of respect, still loves the War of Drugs meme as a simple one-stop shopping answer to why … Continue reading

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Self-Described Black Woman Calls Out White Gays for Cultural Appropriation

The caricature that one day whitey will be blamed for creating, but which Ms. Mannie currently holds dear as a precious aspect of her “black culture.” In “Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture” a “rising star” college senior … Continue reading

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Hey Bertha Lewis, I Don’t Think That Rainbow Coalition Will Work Out Too Well

Remember last year, when Bertha Lewis talked about the importance of the Rainbow, i.e., all brown, yellow and black people flooding into America who will join together and rise up against whitey (who invented America – an no, I’m afraid … Continue reading

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Philip Chism Tries to Kill Another Woman in Another Bathroom

One of Barack Obama’s “sons” (he sure looks more like him than Trayvon ever did) has been indicted on charges he attacked an employee at a youth services facility, a district attorney’s office announced Wednesday, reports CNN. Once again, Philip Chism followed a … Continue reading

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Canada Refuses Asylum to South Africa…Guess Why?

A South African, Brandon Huntley, who sought refuge in Canada by saying he feared persecution from blacks, has lost his latest bid to remain in that country.  “He had claimed he could not return to South Africa as whites were … Continue reading

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