Disingenuous White Progressives Are the Most Dangerous People on Earth

isis-fighter               white-guilt
Who is scarier and more dangerous? Yup, the thing on the right.

So you think ISIS fighters with swords are scary?  Me too.  But at least they are not part of The State to which I must tithe and kneel prostrate in front of.  If I see one coming toward me with a sword, I plan on eating pork while shooting him in the head. Then I’ll pour bacon grease on him.

Disingenuous White Progressives (DWP) are much more dangerous because they might look normal; they don’t wear black hoods over their heads (hey, isn’t wearing black hoods racist? why aren’t they wearing white hoods so we can tell immediately they are bad? ISIS is racist too! Jessie Jackson get out there and protest and shake ISIS down for money until they start wearing white hoods).  And DWP run organizations within The State, where they wield power and do untold damage (we only know a fraction of the damage they’ve done and will do).

For instance, it turns out that one DWP could not bare the reality she faced, and actually raised the alarm over the sexual abuse of teenage girls in Rotherham more than a decade ago was sent to reeducation camp, otherwise known as an “ethnicity and diversity course” by child protection bosses who refused to act on her evidence that Muslims in the UK were raping British girls. (When will DWP British People stop feeling guilty about being a civilizing force in the world?)

The researcher, who was seconded to Rotherham council by the Home Office, was told she must “never, ever” again refer to the fact that the abusers were predominantly Asian men, according to the Telegraph, which covered the woman’s interview with the BBC.

The worker spoke to BBC’s Panorama program under the condition of anonymity, because she knows that DWP with State Power are the most dangerous people on earth. She knows what they will do to her. And it’s worse than what ISIS does to American journalists.

The researcher said that she identified more 270 victims of trafficking and underage prostitution by mainly Muslim gangs in Rotherham at that time – by now the number has grown to more than 1400.

Despite being sent to Rotherham Council, the report – based on interviews with underage girls seeking help from the council’s anti-child prositution project, called Risky Business – was never published. It was, indeed, buried. Because it seemed racist.

Conveniently, data to back up the report’s findings also went missing from the Risky Business office the weekend after she submitted her report, the researcher told the program.  I’ll be it did.

As further proof of the way DWP enable their pet diversity groups, one of the girls who was allegedly abused, whose name was changed to Isabel to protect her identity, said that her abuser told her he would “play the race card” if the police tried to take action.  You see, Privileged Victim Groups are well aware of the power DWP give them.  And that’s one more reason why DWP are so dangerous.

When will England stand up to Political Correctness, the country’s insane immigration policy, and DWP? And when will we?

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