The Real Meaning of Nicole Curtis’ New Co-Star: I TOLD You So! LOL

Guess what? Well, of course, the Nicole Curtis fans (I am one) who read about Nicole, including my blog posts about the single mom’s widely popular and wonderful HGTV (DIY) show, Rehab Addict, already probably know. Surprise, surprise, Nicole is teaming up with Lebron James in season 5 of Rehab Addict.  I wonder why? I am sure it is all sincere and wonderful.  (And it probably will be interesting on some level, and predictable on others). I am sure it’s completely authentic. I am sure the network realized that a show about two areas of Michigan and Minnesota that are predominantly not white needed a little color if they hoped to avoid the PC police.  Told ya’ so!

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3 Responses to The Real Meaning of Nicole Curtis’ New Co-Star: I TOLD You So! LOL

  1. sangell says:

    The article said that Lebron James ‘foundation’ wanted her to ‘rehab’ its first property. Maybe it will be in Cleveland. Isn’t that Lebron’s hometown. In any even I doubt he will be a regular on the show. I don’t think HGTV can afford Lebron.

    Your story though reminds me of Michael Jordan trying to sell one his homes in Chicago. I don’t recall the figures off the top of my head but kept reducing the price because the home had almost no resale value though he probably spent $50 million on it. There’s a lot of that with black athletes building their ‘dream house’. Michael Vick’s spent over $5 million on his Atlanta mansion. I think it fetched $500,000 at the bankruptcy auction. These guys would do well to go back to their hoods and find the grandest turn of the century home in Cleveland or wherever and restore it. Not only would they be ‘giving back’ to their communities the house might hold its value better than some ridiculous 50,000 square foot custom mansion with built in basketball courts, giant TV’s built into every room and pimp décor.

  2. freegirl100 says:

    I agree; a lot of sports star homes have a lot of “special features” that prospective buyers have to remove (hot tubs in the middle of the living room, basketball courts, and generally extremely tacky decor). So the cost of making those changes outweighs the asking price. I would, however, love to see Nicole go into Camden, NJ, East St Louis, and Gary – and fix up some of that housing stock. Would be quite interesting. There is already a great deal of fretting that downtown Detroit is becoming “too white” (as it was originally when it was considered to be “the Paris of the West”). Can you imagine if Camden, East St Louis, and Gary were developed to attract whites? The threat to “black culture” it would represent?

  3. Joan says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Nicole’s since the start and have watched rerun after rerun.

    Doing shows with Lebron James was a mistake for many reasons. First, James was a known card-carrying anti-white racist several years before Nicole would have even been considering this or even thought of it. For those of you who don’t know that, you haven’t been paying attention. Second, watching Nicole’s swooning hero worship over this racist is disgusting. Third, placing her son in the same position is even more disgusting. Fourth, most of those volunteers were white as were the companies providing the free labor and materials. When not volunteering, these people are working for a living to provide taxes for section 8 housing subsidies to people who don’t want to work. This might have been a good opportunity for some of the local unemployed absent fathers to pitch in their free time and learn a job skill. If you’re going to do freebies, Nicole, how about helping out somebody who actually works for what little they have instead of somebody that’s already been handed the world and can’t figure out what to do with it?

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