Ebola, D68 in the US is All About “Disease Justice” or “Disease Equity”

03DALLAS2-web-master675Note the sign in front of this American middle school now potentially infected with Liberian ebola. I wonder if the students are happy about what their own desire for multiculturalism has brought them.

I am not going to review all the news about ebola (although I do provide some interesting links) – I hope you’ve been keeping up with it. The contact is now up to 100 people, and will grow (since workers refuse to clean up the patient, Thomas E. Duncan’s vomit and sweat mess).

The Center for Immigration Studies, always a source of credible information other news outlets won’t talk about, has a good story about why Duncan should never have been given a visa to come to the USA – and believe me he has zero plans to go back to where he came from.

Duncan was issued a visa and I know why – and I also know why there will be no travel bans to and from West Africa even as the illness continues to spread there. It is called “disease justice” or “disease equity” or “disease equality.”  Like the bogus wealth distribution scheme called “income equity,” “disease equity” is the same thing with a twist.  As I am in the “media” – the “news media” – I know this first hand to be true.

You see, first worlders and Westerners, we cannot allow one area of the third world to bear the burden of ebola alone. We all must share it. This is why enterovirus D68 is becoming more prevalent among children – and has already caused death.  We all must suffer. We all must understand the perils of disease. And, we have to import people in order to treat them in (temporarily) first world hospitals. On your dime. Because justice!

So, yes, I am saying that the US government is doing what it can, through lies and unfettered travel, to redistribute health care and citizens’ heath. It is. You heard it here first.

Oh and Louis Farrakhan thinks ebola was made up to kill black people (black people who do not wash their hands before, during and after cooking monkey meat and get cut and bloody while preparing it).

And then there were none

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