This site comprises what in the news and views (mine) about it and about how our freedom is being encroached upon, what impact it has on people, groups, and nations – and when I can, what you can do about it.  Yes, I know there are many libertarian and paleoconservative blogs around (some of my favorites are listed here). But you know what, most of them are run by men. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some men! But there are few blogs about freedom and liberty from women so one of the goals of this blog is to change that…to show that there are women who are predisposed to freedom even while there are still many others who are not. Maybe I can convince some “girlfrens” to come to the other side!

As for me, I am a long time professional journalist and writer who lives in New York City. I recently started to write about freedom and liberty here, in my “free” time, since few mainstream publications are interested in the subject, and even fewer women are, as I said.  After 15+ years in the media, it’s about time!

Freedom IS actually my real first name, in case you are wondering. But I use my middle name professionally, which is more conventional, and I always have. Hayak is made from my real last name and my mother’s maiden name – and I like that it also happens to be a play on Hayek, one of my favorite thinkers.

And yes, I often type on an old restored Royal in my bathing suit. Doesn’t everyone?

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