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Disingenuous White Progressive Women Keepin’ Sistahood Real!

I am Gwyneth Paltrow, and I am better than you. I don’t think Gwyneth Paltrow is an outrageously good actress, and the pink dress she wore to accept her Oscar for Shakespeare in Love was the wrong color for her … Continue reading

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Pre-Menopausal Lesbian Worries About Her Access to Abortion Pill!

So I was on my little social media page tonight and I noticed a particularly angry lesbian, who just turned 51, who is “married” to her wife, and lives in a tony area of Connecticut, complain about the Hobby Lobby … Continue reading

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Lesbian on Lesbian Violence Comes Out of the Shadow Via Gay Marriage

  Russian and Tiffany, not so happy together Sorry I’ve been away so long dear readers – deadlines at my day job have been extremely intense! I hope my schedule eases up during the summer. There is so much to say … Continue reading

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Historic Western Painting Must Be Removed Lest they Offend Muslims and “Feminists”

The offending painting – it must be hidden from view because Swedes are such prudes. According to Sweden’s English paper, The Local, the government has removed a nude named Juno, painted by German baroque artist G E Schröder, which has hung … Continue reading

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Is it Okay for Lesbians to be Heterophobic?

Gregory Kenney, straight guy married with children. Lesbian gym teacher Pat Krieger in the upper right corner. Homophobia is almost as bad as being “racist,” which everyone knows is worse than being accused of murder and rape in our diversity … Continue reading

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Identity Politics is an Intersectional Infection No Drug Can Treat

Support your local police state! Multicultural and multi personal identity politics, the dominant force on college campuses today, purposefully creates an incentive, a perverse one, to assign yourself a victim identity and also to reward victims of alleged “hate” – … Continue reading

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INTERSECTIONALITY – Not as Much Fun as it Sounds

Beep beep – get out of my way I’m coming through! First of all, I want to make something perfectly clear: I’m not trying to “act with integrity on the internet” so that college girls like me. That would be … Continue reading

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