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Disingenuous White Progressives Are the Most Dangerous People on Earth

                Who is scarier and more dangerous? Yup, the thing on the right. So you think ISIS fighters with swords are scary?  Me too.  But at least they are not part of The … Continue reading

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English Gardening is Racist! Soon to be a Hate Crime!

Classic racist English garden A professor in the UK has said talking about gardening is just white people’s way of releasing their inner racist in multiculti Britain…because otherwise they’d be arrested of course.  Listeners to a cozy little British radio … Continue reading

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Hotels Set Aside Floors for White Travelers Only!

Enjoying some guaranteed man-free me time! Oh don’t be silly! Of course they aren’t. That would be wrong. That would be racis’! Hotels are setting aside floors for women travelers and catering to their special needs and wants. So you … Continue reading

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Man Charged With Shooting People That NYPD Actually Shot

Glenn Broadnax – accused of shooting people the NYPD shot The New York Times is reporting that Glenn Broadnax, 35, an “emotionally disturbed” man from has been charged with assault in the shooting of two people after he created a … Continue reading

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Police Arresting, Jailing People Who Pay Credit Card Late

According to the Star Tribune a Minnesota sheriff’s deputy dumped the contents of Joy Uhlmeyer’s purse into a sealed bag after arresting her while she driving home to Richfield after visiting with her elderly mother. No, she was not speeding.  She … Continue reading

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Open Borders Increases the Police State – Paris uses Romanian Police!

Romanian police patrolling Paris – the fruits of open borders are so bountiful, aren’t they? Uniformed Romanian police officers are now patrolling Paris streets to help fight a growing tide of criminality among their immigrant countrymen, reports the Daily Mail. Ten … Continue reading

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Identity Politics is an Intersectional Infection No Drug Can Treat

Support your local police state! Multicultural and multi personal identity politics, the dominant force on college campuses today, purposefully creates an incentive, a perverse one, to assign yourself a victim identity and also to reward victims of alleged “hate” – … Continue reading

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