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Ebola, D68 in the US is All About “Disease Justice” or “Disease Equity”

Note the sign in front of this American middle school now potentially infected with Liberian ebola. I wonder if the students are happy about what their own desire for multiculturalism has brought them. I am not going to review all … Continue reading

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Waitress Fired for (Yet Another) Hate Hoax

Dayna Morales – brain cancer, anti-gay restaurant goers – what zany caper will this adorable “ze” come up with next!? A 22 year old New Jersey waitress who received $3000 in donations from individuals after claiming a couple didn’t tip … Continue reading

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Officer in AZ Asked Not to Bring His Daughter to School – Too Scary!

AAAHHHH! It’s scary being a DWP! A police officer dropped his daughter off at school on his way to work and some parents were scared because, well, police officers wear uniforms and carry a gun. According to MyFoxPhoenix, a police officer … Continue reading

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Straight Sista’s Sorority – No Way Says Slate!

Katy Waldman, hater. Don’t sit next to her on public transportation. Someone names Katy Waldman thinks starting a sorority for girls who like boys is a venal idea, natch. The more hip of my readers may know more about her … Continue reading

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Elites and the Police: Or How I’m Biden My Time ‘Til Daddy Pays the Rent

 Hey, there’s somebody rolling around Manhattan in a white towel. Someone call Dylan Bleier! And get the Oberlin president on the phone. Is Caroline Biden in the KKK? This story isn’t high on the list of things you don’t know about the … Continue reading

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Pink Boys: Little Victims Made By Mom and Dad

Some white boys dressed as girls at transgender camp. Everyone has to be a victim in a society that confers privilege on special victim groups You know, you’re just nowhere if you’re not a victim.  This presents a problem for white parents … Continue reading

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Diversity is Not Freedom of Association…Unless you Really Want it to Be. And you Really Don’t.

Diversity – what a riot! “The right to exclude is not something incidental. It is core to the functioning of civilization.” – Lew Rockwell There is a fascinating story at, which will likely not be picked up and if … Continue reading

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