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Mother Killed, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

When you figure out what’s missing from this story, let me know and you will win a fabulous prize. And next time you see Eric Holder, asks him what he thinks about it. President Obama too.

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Multiculti Couple Nearly Kills Daughter in NY

The lovely home where a 12-year-old girl was beaten senseless and starved by her parents. Very culturally enriching, no? I love multiculturalism and the mass importation of third world peoples into a country that now believes assimilation is racist, that … Continue reading

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Raw Story Needs to Fire its Photo Editor – Jamarion Lawhorn Doesn’t Look Like The Picture They Chose

The Raw Story is generally a pretty good source for crime stories, but I ran across one that seemed odd to me.  It’s a very tragic tale of a boy who stabbed another boy in a playground.  That boy died. … Continue reading

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Hey Bertha Lewis, I Don’t Think That Rainbow Coalition Will Work Out Too Well

Remember last year, when Bertha Lewis talked about the importance of the Rainbow, i.e., all brown, yellow and black people flooding into America who will join together and rise up against whitey (who invented America – an no, I’m afraid … Continue reading

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Philip Chism Tries to Kill Another Woman in Another Bathroom

One of Barack Obama’s “sons” (he sure looks more like him than Trayvon ever did) has been indicted on charges he attacked an employee at a youth services facility, a district attorney’s office announced Wednesday, reports CNN. Once again, Philip Chism followed a … Continue reading

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French Teacher Stabbed to Death by Diversity

Fabienne Calmes, a 34-year-old mother of two little girls, died after being stabbed in the abdomen on the morning of July 4th (our “Independence Day”), which was the last day of term at the Edouard Herriot school in the town … Continue reading

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Amherst, MA Library Doesn’t Bow to Disingenuous White Progressives Crying About “Racist” Tintin Books

DANGER! Your child might become a member of the KKK if he or she looks at this picture. Or, they might find Africa a very fascinating place and want to visit.  Or, they might not care either way. Sharon Sharry … Continue reading

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